Sion Thomas
Performance Enhancement
MSc, Pg Cert (Couns.)
BASES Accredited Sport Scientist (Psychology Support)
(Re-accredited September 2011)
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I'm Matt Chapman and I was able to reach National Standard swimming and this required a lot of training and effort from everyone involved. My coach pushed me very hard and this made it hard for me but with the help of Sion, I was able to open my eyes and realise that all this hard work will make me a better and stronger swimmer. Sion helped me believe in myself and my ability and this self-confidence is key to being successful. I enjoy every session I have with Sion because he makes me feel good about myself and points out my flaws in a positive manner which doesn't offend me therefore making me try harder to improve these flaws. This made it so easy for me to realise that I was capable of so much more and this was because of Sion's help. The thing I love most about working with Sion is how comfortable he makes me feel when we're chatting about my sports life because it really makes me open-up and tell him how I feel. Not is Sion only an amazing Sports Psychologist, he's also a great coach, colleague and friend.

I first started seeing Sion two years ago when I was finding myself really struggling mentally in races telling myself that other girls were better than me and should therefore be in front of me, and being completely focused on the outcome (my finishing position) rather than the process (the actual race!)
My first talk with him was a week before the final and most important race of the season. I went into this race with a completely different mindset and more confidence in my own abilities, and produced my best cross country performance to that date.

I continued to have monthly sessions with Sion for the next two years, and was able to reflect on the ups and downs in my performances throughout this time, and so steadily develop an idea of when and how I was producing my best races. I learnt to focus on process-oriented thoughts, use positive self-talk and increase my mental toughness, among many other things, throughout this time. Every athlete trains their body to compete, yet I believe that training your mind for competition is just as important, and is often disregarded. Sion’s help has been invaluable and has helped me develop greatly as an athlete.

My name is Robert Poth. I am an Alpine ski racer and am currently on the GB U18 Alpine Ski Race Team. I was introduced to Sports psychology sessions with Sion Thomas when I was selected to the Hertfordshire Talented Athlete Programme at the age of 12. At the time, I didn't really know what sport psychology meant but was inspired by Sion's Psychology workshop to learn more. Since then, I have had the opportunity to receive regular private sessions with Sion and it has been extremely helpful for me as I progress as an elite Alpine ski racer. Sport psychology has enabled me to prepare and manage my thoughts and feelings, particularly on race days and keep me calm and conserved before heading off through the start gate. I am really grateful for Sion's support and encouragement.

Working with Sion on the MSA Academy was hugely beneficial for me and my performances on track. I found that as well as already having a few different mental techniques, he gave me a completely different way to look at things and how to do things, to which I use now and I will continue to do so in the future. Sion also taught me new techniques for areas that I had never covered before which have helped me over my latest season

I started working with Sion when I was 14/15. He helped me to figure out how perform under the pressures and expectations that come with playing for your country at such a young age. In particular he taught me how to deal with and overcome mistakes and set backs. These techniques have helped me a great deal and allowed me to progress to highest possible level.

During my AASE (Advanced Skills in Sporting Excellence) course I had chance to meet up with Sion, and this was extremely beneficial. We talked about strategies and ways that will help me over- come obstacles on the pitch and dealing with failure. Personally I found these chats with Sion extremely useful as he helped me find ways in which I could stay focused on the pitch and when mistakes come around how to beat them and keep your confidence on a high so that your performance would still be maintained. Also some useful little triggers that I could use that would help me re focus. We had many chats and went into great detail - discussing discipline in rugby and it's importance , and how to be a true professional. My attitude and preparation is key to a good performance, I would recommend anyone, especially athletes to grab a few hours with Sion Thomas!

Working with Sion has helped massively in my athletics. he has helped me to create a strong mental base which I am able to rely on. He has helped me find focus and direction not only in my training but balancing work commitments too. His support and guidance is invaluable to me"

I've worked with Sion since I started in the Kent CCC Academy as a 13 year old and in that time he has really helped me develop my confidence in myself both on and off the field, allowing me to grow both as a person and as a player

Throughout the four years that I have worked with Sion I have became a better Athlete mentally. I have learnt to developed self confidence, professionalism as well as learning the importance of the lonely hours and making sacrifices. Alongside these skills I have also worked with new software which has helped hugely. I am now able to get into 'the zone' through breathing techniques which helps me to perform at my highest level.